UNICEF, the EU and German Development Cooperation are partnering to provide practical guidance, training and support to translate our shared commitment to children’s rights into sustainable results across all sectors and areas of development cooperation.

Here you find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the EU-UNICEF Child Rights Toolkit and the UNICEF-EU-GiZ partnership on integrating child rights in development cooperation. Please click on the slides or download the PDF

Final project evaluation

A systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of the workshops, and their impact and relevance for workshop participants has been conducted, based on (i) an anonymous online pre-survey sent to participants prior to the workshop in local language; (ii) an anonymous and comprehensive survey in local language to be completed by participants at the end of each workshop; and (iii) follow-up email exchanges and interviews with participants and organisers.

Main results include:
– Child rights capacities are built, with 6 workshops in 3 continents organised and 600 partners reached/trained,
– The partnership between UNICEF, the EU, BMZ/GIZ and national partners is strengthened;
– 100% of participants ‘recommend’ the training to colleagues,

Please click here to download a PDF version of the final project evaluation.